Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shivering In Antici...


It's almost here, my droogies. One more night and Halloween will unleash its... er, Halloween-ness. Today will be the final movie night, as I am not planning to watch movies on dear Samhain. No, I have more sinister plans.

Yep. I shoved aside John Carpenter's Halloween for Trick 'r Treat. But I like the concept of a movie actually about Halloween better than a movie that just happens to take place on Halloween. As you could probably guess, this is one of my favorite holiday themed movies. It's original, clever, and gives Halloween an awesome mascot in a way. My future children better prepare to be dressed up as Sam. 

The animated short the film is based on:

C'mon guys, someone has to give him some candy!

I'm excited. Tomorrow, I'm wearing my Freddy Krueger sweater to class. Since it has also been chilly the last couple of days, it's doubling as a source of warmth. Then I'm changing into a black robe and heading for an old haunted bridge on the other side of town with a couple of friends. Why? It's Halloween. People will go there to get scared. I feel obliged help them achieve their goal. It should be fun. 

What is everyone else's plans? Trick or treating? Handing out candy? Awesome parties?


  1. This a wonderful little cartoon. Hope to see more of his/her work. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I watched the trailer for Trick r Treat you posted and then watched the film, thanks to Netflix. Watching this film is now one of my Halloween traditions.


  3. @bookman187
    No problem! I honestly think it's one of the most underrated Halloween films out there. Any way I can share it, I will! I'm glad you enjoyed it.