Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I See You Coming Undone

I love Stephen King. I really do. I actually prefer his short stories over his novels, but for the most part he's a great writer. The only downfall is that if I want to read something and be scared, his work doesn't cut it out for me. I mean, I enjoy reading his stories and novels, but they just don't seem to affect me the way I've seen them affect others.

Except one.

I picked up a copy of Stephen King Goes To The Movies at Walmart a year or two ago. It was a collection of about four or five short stories that had been turned into movie adaptations. One of them was "1408". By the time I had gotten around to reading it, I had already seen the movie and was eager to see what changes had been made, what had been added, etc, etc.

Now, the movie hadn't scared me at all. I thought it was very well made and one of the best Stephen King adaptations I had seen. When I did decide to read the short, I was sitting in my living room in the middle of the afternoon with the sun shining through the windows as bright as can be. Part of the way through I had to put it down because I started to freak out. The first thought I had? Ohmygod my house is going to try to kill me. Fuck, The Shining didn't even have this affect on me. I don't know what it was, but "1408" scared the hell out of me. Of course, I read it again. And then watched the movie. Again.

I was going through my posts earlier and realized I didn't show you the other half of my tiny living room with its few decorations.

There's my little ghost I got as Dollar Tree. He's a new edition to the decorations this year. 

Here's a HUGE spider I also got from the Dollar Tree. He's new as well. 

I've had the black cat for several years now. This is the skull's second year, and I've always had the five headed dragon incense burner. It just looks awesome. 

I haven't got all my Halloween decorations out, as I've been busy with school work, but I'll eventually get there. Just need time.

I leave you with one of my favorite songs by my most favorite band ever:

"Small Silhouette" by Mudvayne

While this song may not necessarily fit under the Halloween description, the lyrics do throw off a paranormal/supernatural vibe. I think that's why it's my favorite Mudvayne song. 

Screenshot from Unsolved Mysteries. Hellzyeah we love the ghost stories!

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