Thursday, October 13, 2011

Raise Your Hands. Bring the Hell.

Usually my post titles refer to something within the post. This time, I just happen to be listening to Drowning Pool while writing this.

If I get to it, tonight's movie is The Ring (2002).

I don't know if I would qualify this as one of my favorites, but I love this movie. It's one of my go-to horror movies when I want to watch something but I can't decided what to watch and I don't want to get into anything new. I honestly think I watch it just for the part where Samara crawls out of the TV. What would happen if you were in the electronic section in Wal-Mart or in Best Buy when that happened? Would she come out of the TV closest to you, or would a bunch of Samaras come out of all the TVs? If its the latter, that would fucking suck

The Ring also contributes to my favorite scene in Scary Movie 3

I probably laughed harder than I needed to the first time I saw that. 

I've finally started putting decorations in the kitchen, even though there is little to put there (being a college student, I have a tiny budget). 

Dracula, who likes to watch me cook. 

A spider candle holder, which I received from my mother last year. 

A robed skeleton hanging above my sink. 

More candle holders I've obtained in the past few years. 

The year round jack o lantern with his friend the owl. 

At last, but far from least, the half eaten bag of candy corn. Except it will be empty by the time Halloween gets here. 

Sidenote, I finally received my book I ordered off of Amazon a few weeks ago in the mail today (I really shouldn't be on that site when I'm bored and waiting for class to start). Hooray!

I've been wanting to read this for some time now, especially since my summer trip to Savannah (that place is absolutely AMAZING. I recommend a visit). The book is used and a little worn, but that just means it's living a good, loved life. 

"Put Your Death Mask On" by Wednesday 13

"Cindy, the tv's leaking!!"

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  1. A half eaten bag of candy corn now means picking up more for later! You can never have not much candy corn!