Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Goth It Out

Happy World Goth Day! I hope it's filled with darkness and gloom. A picnic at the local cemetery, perhaps? Sounds absolutely lovely. I'll bring the wine and the glasses. You got the food, right? Good, I love Italian. We shall have a grand time. 

Speaking of cemeteries, I'm dying (no pun intended. I didn't realize I wrote that until I started proofreading) to get some ghost hunting in before summer classes start. My usual ghost hunting buddy is stuck an hour away with no car, so I'm thinking about hitting up the local online scene and seeing if there's any willing bodies to come test equipment with me. So... if you're in the Denton, Texas, area... hit me up. These next two weeks are open and free. 

And finally.... 

My Creature Feature hoodie came in the mail yesterday! Very exciting. Not that I can wear it outside in the Texas heat, but, I have it nonetheless. 

Awww yeah. 

Freddy's liking it as well. 

Now, I'm off to ghastly things. 

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