Friday, September 30, 2011

Too Bad I'm On A Boat

Can you believe this movie is nearly twenty years old? Twenty. And it still beats a majority of today's CGI. I remember getting this baby on VHS for Christmas when I was a little tyke. One of the first movies I ever owned. Still a great film to this day, although I got it on DVD now. Yeah, I'm still fending off Blu Rays. I can only handle so much advancement.

Tomorrow the first day of October, meaning I will be doing my very absolute best to bring you a bite of Halloween up to the day itself.

I have such sights to show you...


  1. I found your blog from the Crypt Keeper's list and checked out a lot of your older posts. I liked what I read. I will now be checking out your blog on a regular basis, thanks to the Crypt Keeper's Count Down to Halloween.

  2. @bookman187 Thank you for following! I'm glad you enjoy my blog.