Saturday, July 23, 2011

Spooky Time

Less than one hundred days until Halloween, and I'm beginning my preparations. Happily, a couple of my favorite musicians seem to be getting ready too.

Today Rufus Rex, another band created by Curtis Rx (from Creature Feature), has released a new single from their (his?) debut album. It's titled "Worlds In-Between".

The song is available here, on the Rufus Rex Bandcamp page, and is a name your own price download. But I'm sure Curtis would be happy for you to at least donate a dollar, since it's going towards the Rufus Rex album. Which in turn will make me happy, especially if the album is released by Halloween.

Also, Midnight Syndicate is also releasing a new album August 2 called Carnival Arcane. Here is their first preview track titled "Freakshow":

You can already pre order the album, as well as get a t shirt.

So, that concludes today's free promotions. I do it because I support what I love.

On both parts, I am excited.

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