Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Mask Project Underway

While I figure out what pieces to put together to make an awesome costume, I begin work on another mask; this time, with a few modifications.

I did the same thing I did as last time: I used a piece of tin foil to make a "mold" of my face, and then started working from there. However, this time I decided to cut out the eye holes after I got on the beginning layers of paper mache. 

After the three layers had dried, I used an Exacto knife to smooth out the edges and remove any weird overhangs. 

I then made an approximation of where the eyes would be and cut out two holes to begin with. 

After that, necessary adjustments were made in widening the eye sockets so I would be able to actually see. Next up is the beak, but I don't think I will have time to get to it until later next week. 

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