Friday, August 24, 2012

Results From Long Days At Home

Due to the empty days proceeding the fall semester, I have found myself with an abundance of time to waste in a productive manner. I have decided to quietly pick tarot back up after a couple years break. Having no beautifully decorated wooden box to store my cards as I wanted due to budget constraints, I handmade some small bags to store my two decks.

One for the Rider-Waite, and one for the Gilded.

The one I made for the Rider-Waite deck was just a corner of a t-shirt cut and made to fit.

For the Gilded deck I just used some material I picked up at Walmart, one of those fat quarters they sell. 

The stitching's a bit off because I don't have a sewing machine; I am the sewing machine, and I must admit I stabbed myself quite a few times while paying attention to the tv more than to where I was putting the needle, but I think they turned out okay, so I'm happy. 

Second test for the Spotify play button; how is everyone liking it?

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