Saturday, August 18, 2012

He'd Have A Lot Of Nickels

"That's for ruining our son! He used to be a sweet boy until he heard your music!"
"Oh, this old story. If I had a nickel."

I got yelled at for listening to Marilyn Manson a few days ago while on vacation at the parents' house. Apparently, even though I'm an adult, I'm not allowed to listen to whatever I choose.

"...And stop watching that scary stuff. I cannot wait for you to get out of this phase."
"Mom, how long have I been in this 'phase'? Nearly my whole life?"
"......You need to see the light."

 It was amusing and slightly frustrating at the same time. However, this Family Guy episode put me back in good spirits. 

Ah, Netflix on demand is lovely.

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