Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Self Given Goodies

My Christmas shopping is not done, presents are still waiting to be wrapped, and Christmas is only five days away. Plus my internet has been incredibly slow (which does eliminate some procrastination). BUT, I did get some goodies for myself that I feel I will quite enjoy this winter break.

The Orphanage. Picked this up in the $5 bin at Walmart. I've been meaning to see it, since I've discovered I'm a fan of Del Toro's work, but never had the chance or couldn't find it. 

This.... oh.... this. I was so excited when I found this version of Sweeney Todd. It is one of my favorites. I was looking for the movie version with Johnny Depp for my sister's Christmas present and ended up finding this instead. I've seen it a few times before via YouTube, and am very happy to now have my own, physical copy. 

I meant to see Priest when it came out in theaters, but was too busy at the time. Paul Bettany is one of my favorite actors to watch, and I much enjoyed his roles in The Da Vinci Code and Legion (both of which I own). Just one more vampire flick to add to the collection.

Christmas music! (As if I needed any more). 

The view outside. Hoping it we get more for Christmas. It will the be the first time in several years we've gotten snow.

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