Monday, August 1, 2011

Fun in the... Dark?

Because my sister begged me to, I ended up watching The Smurfs on Friday.

I didn't have the luxury of having 3D though.

Even though I was basically forced to go to see this, Smurfs was funnier than I expected and not as stupid as the trailer made it seem. However, I don't think I would end up watching it again. I'm not dying to have it. A good Redbox movie, perhaps.

In return for seeing Smurfs, I got to see Cowboys & Aliens. But I didn't see it once, oh no. I saw it twice.

It was that good. Besides, it's got Daniel Craig (with a strange Southern accent, but I'll overlook that for the shirtless scene). Even though I've seen this twice, I would see it again. Guess who's getting the DVD when it comes out?

Notes on some of the trailers:

I'm not a big Spiderman fan. Actually, I'm not a Spiderman fan at all. DC is where most of my love lays. However, I would consider watching this reboot. Both times I saw the trailer in the theater, I got chills. This is going to be something. Good or bad, it's going to be something. Big.

Battleship? Really? That's the game you decided to base your movie on? I would rather play Monopoly than Battleship. Hell, I'd rather put a puzzle together! How on earth did they come up with this?

"E.... uh, 8."

"Miss. H... 2"

"Damn, you hit me!"

"Hey, you know what?"


"This would make an awesome movie."

"....Oh, my, god, yes. F-6."



I'm shaking my head, Hollywood. Shaking my head.

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