Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It Happened One Morning

I'm curious. How many of you droogs believe in ghosts?

I don't think you know this, but aside from a lazy person who blogs about random things, I also moonlight as an avid ghost hunter. Yeah. Dig that.

And I'm also pretty sure my current house is haunted.

Take this morning for instance.

About three in the morning, I was in bed listening to music. I was laying on my right side toward the wall when I began to feel something weird on my back. Like someone breathing. I couldn't hear it, but I could damn well sure feel it. After a few minutes of that, I also got the sensation of someone running their finger over my shoulder blade. Talk about being creeped out.

For what I'm about to tell you next, keep in mind, pillow #1 is underneath my head. I positioned pillow #2 at a specific angle to where it would not fall on me. Guess what it did? Yeah, it fell on me. Several times.

Nevertheless, I fell asleep anyways because, well, it was three in the morning. I've had strange shit happen to me in the middle of the night before; it doesn't really affect me much. It just weirds me out.

I woke sometime between 6:30 and 7 am to the cat meowing to be let out of her dungeon. Her cage is maybe seven or eight feet from my bed. When I got back to bed... Remember the positions of the pillows? Pillow #1 is now leaning against pillow #2, which was not how I had left it ten seconds ago.

After shaking my head and mumbling "What the fuck???", I climb back into bed, just wanting to be left alone to sleep. Yeah, that worked for about five minutes.

Harley (my cat) was eating at her bowl. I could hear her munching away. And then the bowl hit the wall. That's right, THE BOWL SLID ACROSS THE FLOOR AND HIT THE WALL. Not gently either. Cat food was scattered on the floor. Harley freaked out (but finished what food she had in her mouth).

I told my sister about that. She said, "It was the cat, of course."

No, it was not the cat, of course. The cat does not play with her bowl when she eats. She's too busy, I don't know, eating. Besides, if she had been playing with it, the bowl would have slid at an angle, not straight into the wall like it did. Nor would it have hit with as much force as it did.

Who knows. Maybe I do have a ghost. In that case, it means it's following me, because this is a brand new house. No one has ever lived in it before. There are no Indian burial grounds. Nothing. It makes the most sense. I had strange things happen at my old house and at the dorm I stayed it this past school year.

So, now I toss the ball to you. Do you think I'm crazy? Do you have an alternate explanation for the things that have happened to me? Do you have a story to tell? If you do, please tell.

Until tomorrow droogies, beware the witching hour.

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