Monday, October 31, 2016

The Costume!

All hail the gloomy Wednesday!
My hair is long enough to properly do the braids, so of course I had to. 

[Edit]: I just realized I did not a full body view of my costume, so here ya go:

Also fleshed out (ha!) with a skull, as seen here, along with a sexy cowboy (complete with Daisy Dukes, which I will spare your eyes from). 
Also joining the group, we had Mermaid(wo)man and Barnacle Boy Girl. 

It was an overall good night, although I sadly missed the Halloween themed drinks. The morning after was fairly rough (that's what I get for going hard and drinking doubles all night), but I did get some time to play one of my favorite horror games, Outlast. 

You play as journalist who received an email to investigate an asylum up in the mountains of Colorado, armed only with a camcorder equipped with night vision. To me, it's fun in the sense that you can't fight; your only options are to run, hide, or die. And died, I have. Many times. The DLC, Outlast: Whistleblower, is also fantastic, as you get to play the employee who sends the email to the journalist, and it serves as prequel/parallel/sequel game with lots of fun crossovers to the main game. An indirect sequel is also slated for the beginning of next year. Different story, but in the same universe. The demo for that was released for the month of October, and it was quite up to par.
Outlast 2 Demo
Although I must warn you, if you do decided to check it out, be it though a YouTube walk through or playing it yourself, Outlast is rated M for a reason. There are gallons of blood, there are tons of guts, and there are more than a couple pant-less, mutilated asylum patients running around in all their god-given glory doing their devil-given worst. Not to mention a rather graphic torture scene in the DLC carried out by a patient nicknamed "The Groom", where he tries to turn you into his, erm, "Bride" (that being said, I will admit he is probably one of the best characters in terms of background and characterization, though not the only best character, IMO; there's also a big Buddha-belly guy named Chris Walker who is terrifyingly fantastic).  
Eddie Gluskin, aka, the Groom
So.... yeah. Probably not for the faint of heart, as Red Barrels tried to make is as cringeworthy as they felt they could. But it is a super fun terror time, filled with jump scares, chase scenes, and suspenseful sneaking around. Perfect for Halloween, eh?

Who else had a good Halloweekend? Any plans for tonight? Or, if you're reading this Nov 1, how was your Halloween?

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  1. You Wednesday Adams costume is great - you look just like her!