Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Zombie Apocalypse Playlist

I love little challenges like this. Even though I'm not much of a zombie fan. It is still terribly fun!

1. Overall theme for the Apocalypse: Chainsaw Sound Effect. 
Alright, alright, it's not a song AT ALL, but it is the first thing that popped up, and rather apropos, I must say. A chainsaw would be quite useful. And yes, I do keep all my scary music and sound effects for Halloween on my iPod. You never know when they might come in handy. 

2. When I kill my first zombie: "Fever" by Michael Bublé
Um. Okay? I guess this is what I get for liking traditional pop. I was hoping for Whitechapel, but I guess we can do something contrasting here. I'm in an old school speakeasy? A dark, jazzy club on a sleazy street in Las Vegas, overrun with with flesh eaters? Something like a classy Zombie Strippers, I'm thinking. But better made. And no porn stars. why, Mr. Englund? WHY???

3. When getting chased by a horde: "Passacaglia in C Minor" by Johann Sebastian Bach

Apparently, we're going with an "artistic" chase scene with this one, slow motion and wide shots.

4. When I have to kill a loved one: "Afterlife" by Avenged Sevenfold

Hm. I can see it. Not bad, not bad.

5. When I find a group of survivors: "Dead Eyes See No Future" by Arch Enemy

Hostile! I like it. A group of live people with a thousand yard stare. IS THERE NO HOPE LEFT???

6. When I meet a new love interest: "The Awakening" by Nox Arcana

Well, if I was to meet a new lover in the zombie apocalypse, Nox Arcana would work. Maybe we're trying to call up Cthulhu to come help. Not that it would be useful. Cthulhu would probably end up worsening matters.

7. When I have to make a final stand: "Badass" by Saliva

Aha! Now, here we go. Not as heavy as I'd like, but it works. Makes me wanna fight something. BRING ON THE ZOMBIES!!

8. When I think I've survived it all: "Rock You Like a Hurricane" by Scorpions
 Nothing like a classic to make you feel like champion.

9. When I discover a bite mark on me: "The Brighter Side of Suffering" by As Blood Runs Black

10. Plays over the end credits: "Hall of the Mountain King" by Mannheim Steamroller

Hey! I didn't know this was a Tim Burton movie!

Anyone else willing to give it a go? Post your answers below or a link if you want to blog it. 

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