Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Countdown Has Begun

Dark Knight Rises Trailer by teasertrailer

As it is a teaser trailer, it doesn't show much, but does give us a glimpse of Bane. I was more curious about Catwoman, but hey, hopefully next trailer, right?

The Dark Knight Rises comes out July 20, 2012 (for now, anyway. Here's to hoping it isn't pushed back).

Personally, I wished Heath Ledger was still alive to make another appearance, however small, as the Joker. Maybe this next movie will address where Joker is now, since it wasn't made clear in The Dark Knight.

I'm also somewhat happy to see this is (allegedly) the final chapter in Nolan's Batman universe. However awesome these movies are, I don't want them turning into the Saw franchise where it keeps going and going... and going... and going.... All good things must come to an end, if nothing but to keep them good. (The Friday the 13th movies come to mind. Jason X? Was that movie really necessary? At least Freddy never went to space, even though that series is in the same boat too.)

Anyone else thoughts on Nolan's Batman series? Likes? Dislikes? Was there any other villains you were hoping to see, like the Riddler? I was holding out for this version:

But do I ever get my way? Nah, I'm just a blogger.

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